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Andersen Light: A Mystic Creek Novel (working title) is an out of the ordinary story of mystery, adventure, and overcoming and to become who you are – even or especially if it’s not normal. I am currently in the querying stage with this manuscript. Here’s a tiny synopsis:

Something is different about Georgie Jones. She foils a near tragedy by her creepy stepfather and moves to live with her dad in (fictional) Mystic Creek, Oregon. When Georgie, new kid and freshman at Mystic Creek High, intervenes between a bully and a friend, her anger ignites an internal metamorphosis that changes her forever.

Luther Andersen, not your everyday lighthouse keeper, is a Jones family friend and highly respected professor with an uninvited pop star status for his role in the historic Georgie Jones prophecy. He is the girl’s predetermined mentor, the one to help Georgie transform anger to confidence, and guide the development of her incredible gifts.

And the adventure begins.

Book 2 (yes, a working title) expands on the story in Mystic Creek and the Andersen Lighthouse estate. You’ll find your favorite characters and a familiar antagonist or three in Book 2.

I hesitate when I need to write a brief bio, like here. During my former career of working inside high fences, walls and behind special doors, I tailored and sifted through which parts of me I could share. My long-time colleagues might joke how writing security plans and policies isn’t a far stretch from fiction writing. I’ve left government-ese behind to transition to the writer’s life and greater freedom of self-expression, yet the writing world has its own lingo and sets of rules. I have discovered most folks are willing to point me in the right direction so that I may better navigate the steep curves, and I am happy to do the same.

As young kid, I loved the book Harriet the Spy, ghost stories, and TV’s Perry Mason and Star Trek. Books opened my teen and young adult mind to new worlds, galaxies and universes. They continue do so today. Yay, books and reading!

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The Stories of Mystic Creek and Andersen Light

Welcome to adventure, prophecy, overcoming adversity, self-identity, mysterious intruders, a secret black box, a world within a world, evolving abilities, rescue, and more!

New Paranormal Fiction - Tanya D. Dawson Blogging from Here

The Characters

The worlds of Mystic Creek and Andersen Light are seen from two points of view:

Luther Andersen, Luther Andersen, lighthouse keeper, professor, mystic, mentor

Georgie Jones, the girl Luther guides into her abilities

Meet them and other characters here.

Lessons Learning

Writing can be a messy, crazy making, and satisfying process. Lessons unfold, and learning is perpetual.